Training and Compliance

Repeating ourselves, "It is a new day in the world of finance", and the ancient art of skiptracing as practiced here at JPA is ready, willing and beyond able.  And did we mention, COMPLIANT.   Here is where the pedal meets the metal and JPA management systematically moves our company through the readiness checklist and our employees through three modules: Learning, Review and Testing of and on all aspects of the Regulatory environment .

Top 10 Steps to CFPB Readiness Checklist
  1. Launch Your Team

  2. Appoint Your Chief Compliance Officer                                                     

  3. Build Your Compliance Management System

  4. Conduct an Independent GAP Assessment Annually                                                                                     

  5. Document Your Results and Your Progress

  6. Educate and Train

  7. Employ the Right Technology

  8. Adopt a Closed-Loop Consumer Complaint Resolution Program

  9. Evaluate Your Workforce

  10. Foster a Culture of Compliance

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