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The core of all JPA services starts with the skip.  Skiptracing is an ancient art perfected by time and technology.  We can provide rapid locate info on your customers and/or collateral anywhere in the world. 


Utilize our services to save an account from charge off or to recover charged off collateral. 


System processes to ensure the fastest result:

  • Each account entered into our computer system is tracked for days in house, update schedules, 3-week flip date and status of account - from New to Transported.

  • Each file is set for an automatic reassign  every 21 days, creating a sense of urgency and increase of resolution rates. 

  • JPA tracers are paid by commission and therefore have a vested interest in resolving your account NOW 

  • 20 year average experience level

  • Over 50% of our investigators are bilingual 

  • JPA employs a work swing shift to maximize east and west coast results. 

  • All files are treated with respect and confidentiality.  


Let JPA take the headache out of your recovery assignments.  No more research for an Agent, no more calls for insurance, and one payee, JPA, instead of hundreds.


Time and Money.  Place your recovery accounts at JPA and save BOTH.


Our dedicated forwarding staff maintains and updates all Agents for:

  • Proper insurance, bonds, licensing, and secured storage facilities

  • Current JPA contract for price and storage charges

  • Contingency status

  • Areas of coverage

  • GLBA compliance documentation


Agents know to expect from JPA a stream of steady business, good locate information and complete respect.  Our Agents are the best in the business on both recovery result and price.  We work together with the agent, as partners, to ensure the fastest recovery of your collateral.


Data Skip

JPA Data Skip allows for a "turn key" solution to collateral recovery management where risk mitigation is our number one priority.  We have multiple skip solutions to provide to our clients the choice between the distinct and differing advantages of the "contact" and "no contact" accounts.


Data Skip account have initial SLA of:

  • Initial Scrub

  • Manageable Queue

  • 10 day update schedule

  • Dedicated Client Liaison

  • Monthly Reporting


JPA and our Clients collective goal is to garner the best recovery rates possible provided the reduced parameters of contact.

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