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JPA Road to Success
JPA Skip Solutions
Teamwork Solution
JPA Skip and Collateral Recovery Solutions
Johnston, Parker & Associates is moving forward in these unprecedented times with gratitude, reassessed priorities, and mindfulness of the moment.
We have always approached the art of skip tracing with “How can we help?”.  
As we move through 2021 and beyond, this empathetic approach is more important than ever.


For over a decade, lenders and CPI providers have depended on JPA’s proven process of minimizing the losses associated with their collateral while maintaining the relationship they have with their customers.  Our method of skip tracing with integrity makes this possible.  Our organization is founded on Core Values requiring every associate to treat everyone (consumers, agents, clients, co-workers, etc.) with respect and compassion.


We combine the "art" of time tested investigative practices of yesterday with the "science" of today's computer and internet technology.  Our Associates are experienced, attentive to details and situations, and begin the chase from the approach of , "Let us help.....".   We are networked and online, utilizing the incredible search power of the internet and the best information sources.


The result of "art" meeting "science" is higher account resolution at a faster pace.


Account Monitoring

All accounts received by JPA are monitored by our computer network of system alarms.  Each account entered into our computer system is tracked for days in house, update schedules, 3-week flip date and status of account - from New to Transported.   Each Caseworker carries an average caseload of 35 - 40 files.  Each file is set for an automatic reassign to a new investigator every 21 days, creating a sense of urgency and an increase in resolution rates. 


Insurance Protection

JPA is fully insured with General Liability and Professional E&O insurance for your protection.  We require all agents accepting forwarded assignments to provide proof of current insurance, minimum of $1 million in General Liability and to carry Garage Keepers Insurance. 


Information Protection

JPA caseworkers are seasoned professionals with an average of 20 years experience in the  industry.  We require all investigators to comply with the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act (GLBA). All files are treated with respect and confidentiality.  


Compliance Protection

Compliance to the GLBA and to the Federal Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) has always been standard operating procedure. 


Risk Mitigation Protection

As a licensed investigations company, JPA is held to a higher standard of ethics and integrity. We screen our Associates, our contracted agents and our processes to deliver high hit ratios with low risk. 


  • Skiptracing

  • Investigations

  • Data Skip

  • Forwarding

  • Collateral Recovery

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